Monday, May 6, 2013

Still Under the Weather

I'm still not feeling well.  No art the last couple days.  I did prep a few board books with Gesso this morning but that's all I have done.  I will be starting with Chapter 6 as soon as I'm feeling good enough to do some art.

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  1. Hello Donna and thanks for letting me find your board. You are so very creative, artistically and in your writing. It is your heart coming to life and I know it helps you to be able to express your self. Like a potter with their ball of clay they mold and make it...You mold your art and your words..A thing of beauty. I do know that God's Word will encourage you. To read it and come into His presence knowing the power of the Words still will meet the needs of the thirsty soul today. May God use You as share your faith and your talents.